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Richard Espinoza Camacho creates OTA Management with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing small and medium size hotels.  He has worked in the hotel industry for over fifteen years and knows firsthand the benefits of working closely with OTA’s Market Managers to understand the potential of each property.   His yield management and billboard effect approach allows properties to increase exposure and revenue.



Richard’s passion is to help smaller niche markets create successful, customized selling strategies. He accomplishes this by optimizing service, OTA development, and management support, including implementing pricing strategies and using channel management systems to execute quick updates.

Richard has traveled extensively and has visited many countries in Latin America and Asia. He embraces a personal and professional perspective that values a diverse clientele. His understanding that geography and cultures are important in creating and maintaining relationships helps him manage the North American and Mexican Market and create customer loyalty. He is not just bilingual, but also multicultural.

Those who have worked with Richard consider him to be engaging, warm and thoughtful. He has earned a Hotel Revenue Management Certification from Cornell University and a Professional Media and Marketing Management Certification from the College of Extended Studies of San Diego State University.



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