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Your Hotel Revenue & Inventory Management Solution


My mission is to provide you with an affordable way to maintain, enhance,

and update your property,   brand, opaque and booking engines 3rd party

Web-sites to ensure contract compliance and revenue maximization.



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Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) are Not the Enemy


In bad times, as in good, treat your third party partners as an extension of your revenue team. USE THEM to help build incremental revenue


Is your Reservations Department upselling you?


When was the last time you listen to a conversation between the Reservations Desk and your future guest? What is the cost of lossing phone reservations?


Is your Website optimize to capture a higher ADR?


Do you really needs that fancy looking booking engine? How much are you really paying for that reservation that is being booked on your website?

Making Hotel Revenue Management Simple

How OTA Insight can help you


Save Time


Easy to use reports sent to you by email combined with an online app for more in depth analysis.                  We give you the information you need when you need it.



Use OTAs to your advantage


Optimize your ranking position in low demand periods so that you can increase your OTA market share and realize incremental revenue.


Make better decisions


Our city demand forecast combined with our advanced rate shopping will give you the data you need to stay one step ahead of your competition so you can increase your RevPAR.